Discover the Ultimate Spanish Payroll Partner

Looking for the ideal payroll partner in Spain? Choose WhiteFin Contracting Solutions S.L – The premier Spanish payroll company you can rely on. Navigating Spain’s complex tax and compliance landscape requires local knowledge and expertise. Our comprehensive range of services will help you stand out from the competition in Spain:

• Local Contracting & Invoicing: Expertly manage contracting and invoicing, ensuring compliance and avoiding sub-leasing issues.

• Compliant Payroll Services: Precise payroll services across various industries, ensuring correct tax and social security deductions at the source.

• Employer of Record: Support for employing and deploying permanent staff in Spain while keeping you informed of obligations, taxes, and potential liabilities.

• Payroll for White-Collar Contractors: Efficient payroll management for your highly skilled workers.

• Payroll for Construction & Blue-Collar Workers: In-depth experience in construction and blue-collar industries, with licensing for construction payroll (REA) and occupational hazard insurance.

• Immigration: Expedite work permits for high-skilled migrants within 20 working days, certified by the Spanish Immigration office.

• Full Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive insurance packages, including professional indemnity, public liability, and employers liability.

• Premium Service: Assistance in obtaining private health insurance through Sanitas and opening bank accounts in Spain.

For self-employed individuals (Autonomo), we provide seamless services:

• Full Registration: Expert guidance through the Autonomo registration process, including fast-tracking NIE applications.

• Local Invoicing: Dependable partner for invoicing on your behalf in Spain, ensuring compliance.

• All-Inclusive Fee: Covers registration, bookkeeping, tax return, and de-registration.

• Compliance Only: Support with compliance and insurance for contractors with existing Autonomo status or a Spanish S.L.

• Full Insurance Coverage: Professional indemnity, public liability, and employers liability insurance.

• Premium Service: Help with obtaining private health insurance through Sanitas and opening bank accounts in Spain.

Trust WhiteFin to manage your workforce needs in Spain with ease and expertise, guaranteeing top-quality service and compliance at all times.

Contact us today at +44 20 8036 3010 or to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can support you.

Author: Alex Thomas
Chief Operating Officer at WhiteFin Contracting Solutions

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