Compliant Construction Recruitment – Choose The Right Payroll Partner

Construction, blue, and grey-collar projects involve multiple complexities that require individuals and companies with expert knowledge to handle. Even today, a handful of payroll companies continue to compensate construction contractors through non-compliant methods. This practice jeopardizes the security of all parties involved in the transaction chain.

In the EU/EFTA member states, when it comes to the compliant payroll of these workers, no company can match the credentials of WhiteFin.

Employment as Required by Law: Workers in high-risk environments must always be on an approved payroll to be deemed compliant, which is stipulated by various parties, including the end client, unions, and most importantly, the worker. WhiteFin has expert knowledge in handling employed solutions.

18 Entities Across Europe and Growing: Local entities in the jurisdiction of work are essential for managing these employees. WhiteFin has 18 fully-owned entities with total knowledge of managing this type of payroll.

Total Compliance: Running such solutions requires total compliance with complex legal requirements, including working with unions, paying the correct employer obligations, and all taxes and social security. WhiteFin is proficient in handling all these requirements.

Immigration: WhiteFin is equipped to provide comprehensive assistance with immigration across Europe, helping individuals and companies navigate the complex legal requirements of the various jurisdictions.

Correct Insurances: Adequate insurance coverage is crucial for these types of projects. WhiteFin robust policies cover accidents and commercial risks, ensuring peace of mind while the project is underway.

Staff with Expert Knowledge: All our staff are highly trained in all areas blue collar. They have profound experience handling clients, agencies, and workers alike. Trust the experts and avoid potential risks.

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Author: Alex Thomas
Chief Operating Officer at WhiteFin Contracting Solutions

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