Navigating Post-Brexit Business: How WhiteFin Simplifies EU/EFTA Contracting for Agencies

In the wake of Brexit, the business landscape for UK-based recruitment agencies has undergone significant transformation. The departure from the European Union has presented new challenges in contracting and invoicing for services across EU/EFTA member states. Companies throughout the bloc are increasingly seeking local invoicing solutions, reflecting a shift in the regulatory and commercial environment.

Understanding the New Demand

As European clients adapt to the post-Brexit reality, they are expressing a preference for localized contracting and invoicing to mitigate the complexities introduced by the UK’s exit. This trend encompasses the contracting of freelancers and contractor as well as invoicing for permanent placements.

The reasons behind this shift are manifold:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Working with a local entity ensures adherence to the specific legal and fiscal frameworks of each state.
  2. Currency Fluctuation: Invoicing in local currencies protects EU clients from volatility.
  3. Risk Mitigation: Local invoicing and contracts can decrease the perceived risk, offering stability in these uncertain times.

WhiteFin’s Strategic Response

To address these evolving needs, WhiteFin has been proactive in establishing local entities across Europe. With a presence in Spain, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Portugal, France, Belgium, the UK, Poland, Croatia, Norway, Cyprus, Romania, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Ireland, we offer comprehensive coverage, ensuring that agencies can continue to operate seamlessly within the EU/EFTA region.

Our solutions are designed to offer flexibility and are tailored to support both the agencies and their end clients:

  • Local Invoicing: WhiteFin can invoice the client directly through our local entities, reducing the administrative burden on UK agencies and offering peace of mind to EU/EFTA clients.
  • Direct Agency Payment: We can pay the agency their margin directly, ensuring a streamlined financial process.
  • Compliant Payroll and Insurance Coverage: We will ensure fully compliant payroll and insurance coverage are in place to protect you and your client.

Our Commitment to Seamless Operations

At WhiteFin, we understand the intricacies involved in international contracting and invoicing. Our local entities are more than just a response to Brexit; they represent our commitment to facilitating smooth business operations for recruitment agencies and their clients. We provide the local expertise and infrastructure necessary to navigate the new economic landscape effectively.

The WhiteFin Advantage

  1. Expertise: With deep knowledge of local regulations, we ensure compliance and reduce risk.
  2. Coverage: Our extensive presence across Europe provides agencies with the confidence to operate EU-wide.
  3. Simplicity: Our solutions simplify the financial and administrative processes for agencies.
  4. Flexibility: We offer tailored services to match the specific needs of each agency and their clients.
  5. Stability: In uncertain times, WhiteFin provides a stable and reliable partnership.

The Way Forward

The post-Brexit era demands agility and an understanding of the new commercial realities. By partnering with WhiteFin, recruitment agencies can navigate these challenges with confidence. Our established local entities act as a bridge, enabling UK agencies to maintain and grow their EU/EFTA client base without the complexities that could otherwise hinder their operations.

We invite recruitment agencies to explore a partnership with WhiteFin, where seamless cross-border business is not just a possibility—it’s a reality. Let’s redefine the future of contracting and invoicing together, within a Europe that continues to thrive on collaboration and interconnectedness, regardless of political changes.

Please contact us at +44 20 8036 3010 or via email at Let us guide you through a path characterized by robust growth, unwavering trust, and impeccable compliance.

For more information about how WhiteFin can support your agency’s operations in the EU/EFTA, reach out to us, and let’s start a conversation that builds towards mutual growth and success.

Author: Alex Thomas
Chief Operating Officer at WhiteFin Contracting Solutions

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