Expert Insights on Legal Posting with A1 Certificates in EU/EFTA: A Comprehensive Guide by WhiteFin Solutions

WhiteFin Solutions, a leader in European payroll and mobility management often addresses complex queries from partners regarding the legal posting of contractors in the EU/EFTA region, particularly concerning A1 certificates. This article offers an in-depth look into the nuances of this process, blending our expertise with practical, pro-bono tips.

In-Depth Understanding of A1 Certificates

Issuance and Validity: A1 certificates, issued by the employee’s home country, validate their social insurance status, and are valid for up to 24 months. This certification is integral for employees operating in another EU/EFTA state.

Benefits and Protection: Holding an A1 certificate ensures continuity in the home country’s social security system for the employee, thereby precluding the burden of dual social security contributions.

Compliance Imperative: The procurement and administration of A1 certificates go beyond mere benefits; they are a compliance imperative for organizations deploying workers across the EU/EFTA region.

The 183-Day Rule in Taxation: A Critical Consideration

Understanding the Rule: This rule posits that if an employee works in a foreign country for less than 183 days within a 12-month period, they may not fall under the tax liability of that country, conditional to specific requisites being met.

Application in Posting Situations: In the context of posted workers, this rule becomes a pivotal factor in delineating their tax obligations, influencing where their income tax is paid.

Navigating Employee Secondment and Tax Residency

Tax Residency Rules: These rules ascertain the jurisdiction where an individual is accountable for personal income tax. For posted workers, maintaining tax-residency in their home country often simplifies tax compliance.

Contractual and Tax Compliance: The architecture of employment contracts should be meticulously aligned with these tax residency norms to ensure seamless compliance.

Comprehensive Insurance: A Non-Negotiable Necessity

Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance: Robust coverage in these areas is not just a legal requirement but also an employer’s responsibility, safeguarding against potential claims arising from third-party interactions.

Medical Insurance in the Country of Work: Facilitating medical insurance in the host country is a critical aspect of duty of care, ensuring accessible healthcare for employees during their posting.

Registration and Right to Work Compliance

Registering as a Posted Worker: This procedural step is crucial for legitimizing the status of a foreign worker in the host country, aligning with local employment standards.

Right to Work Verification: Ensuring EU/EFTA passport possession or equivalent right-to-work documentation is pivotal for legal employment within these jurisdictions.

The Complexity for Self-Employed Individuals and A1 Certificates

Obtaining an A1 certificate as a self-employed individual entails demonstrating prior social security contributions in the home country, often for a minimum period. This aspect underscores the need for compliant and structured solutions to facilitate these prerequisites.


Expertise in the legalities of employee posting in the EU/EFTA region, particularly concerning A1 certificates, tax rules, insurance necessities, and worker registration, is not just a compliance strategy but an essential requirement. For further advice and detailed insights into legally posting contractors with A1 certificates in the EU/EFTA, contact WhiteFin Solutions at +44 20 8036 3010 or via email at

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Author: Alex Thomas
Chief Operating Officer at WhiteFin Contracting Solutions

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