Subcontractor or Agency in Construction? Nailing Your Compliance is Key

At WhiteFin Group, we’re specialists in construction payroll and compliance across Europe, offering unparalleled protection for our clients. Whether you’re a recruitment agency, a subcontractor, or an end client, it’s crucial to understand that everyone in the contract chain shares the responsibility of safeguarding workers.

The Risks of Contracting in High-Risk Environments

Contracting in environments such as construction sites or offshore oil rigs comes with inherent physical risks. Questions surrounding the need for Medivac, occupational hazard insurance, public or employer liability insurance, and compliance with country-specific regulations are vital. Are you aware of the necessary PPE, training, and site access requirements? WhiteFin ensures your company is properly equipped with the right insurances and setups to protect your workers comprehensively.

The Pitfalls of Subleasing and Payroll Outsourcing

Be cautious of subleasing; having too many intermediaries can be seen as subleasing by tax authorities, which is particularly problematic in construction. Outsourcing payroll can also pose significant risks if your payroll provider is unaware of what their local partner is doing. Construction projects often require adherence to union regulations and collective bargaining agreements, which cover overtime rates, penalties, insurance requirements, and more. Your payroll provider must be capable of adapting financial illustrations promptly to prevent financial issues.

WhiteFin: Your Expert in Construction Compliance

WhiteFin stands as the premier company in this field, having managed complex, high-volume projects across the EU/EFTA member states. We’ve established a network of entities in countries including Spain, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Portugal, France, Belgium, the UK, Poland, Croatia, Norway, Cyprus, Romania, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany. Through these entities, we provide payroll, local invoicing, insurances, and ensure compliance with local unions and tax offices, actively fighting against tax avoidance practices.

Avoid the Shortcut, Choose WhiteFin for Protection

Taking shortcuts in compliance can lead to severe repercussions. Contact WhiteFin today at +44 20 8036 3010 or via email at to ensure you’re protected by the experts in European construction payroll and compliance.

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Author: Alex Thomas
Chief Operating Officer at WhiteFin Contracting Solutions

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