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WhiteFin Contracting Solutions are the market leading expert at managing payroll solutions within all EU/EFTA member states.

If you are a contractor contemplating taking a project outside of your home country, we truly understand how perplexing and anxiety inducing this can be. However, with us by your side, you can concentrate on your position safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of for you.


We offer employed, self employed and personal service company solutions. The solution that we propose to you will be entirely dependent upon the country in which you will work. You can always be certain that our solutions are fully compliant with the local tax legislation and ensures that all required registrations, tax and social security deductions are made within the correct timeframes.

We will handle all registrations, bookkeeping, and tax returns with the highest level of due diligence on your behalf.

All EU/EFTA member states covered

We have solutions and intellectual property for all EU/EFTA member states covered, so we support you throughout your contracting career. Our extensive network of local accountants have all been comprehensively audited and work in collaboration with our technical team to ensure we are at the cutting edge of local legislation. We will ensure that you always have your local obligations covered wherever you may go.

Highest legal net retentions

Although making sure that you are working compliantly and are protected within the work country is of paramount importance to us, we will also ensure we achieve you the highest legal net retention possible. We understand how difficult it can be working away from home, it is up to us to make it financially worth it. Our team of solution advisors have been extensively trained in all the nuances in local legislation in your country of work to ensure your retention is maximised.

We will only ever use legal methods to increase your retention, so you can enjoy your hard-earned money, in the knowledge that your net retention is lawful.

Expert advice

We understand how important clear, accurate advice is for our clients. Far too often advice provided to contractors is too simplistic, outdated or incorrect. Our technical team are constantly updating our knowledge base, so you can rest assured that our solution advisors will always make sure you are fully updated with everything you need, and want, to know. We don’t just take into consideration the work country, we also fully advise you as to your obligations in your home country.

Unrivalled service

At WhiteFin we pride ourselves on our superb service and how easy we are to deal with. Our staff are available 7 days a week, so will always be on hand to assist you. We pay you on the same day we receive your remuneration from your agency or client, so your bank balance will never look out of place. We can send you accurate detailed financial simulations in all EU/EFTA jurisdictions so you will always know if a contract is worth your time. In summary, we want you to be so happy with WhiteFin that you recommend us to all your friends and colleagues.

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