Frequently Asked Questions

We provide end-to-end management of international employees, including payroll processing, compliance with local labor laws, and benefits administration.

Currently we offer EOR services in the following countries:

EOR ensures compliance by staying up-to-date with local labor laws and regulations in each country we operate in, and by working closely with local experts and legal advisors.

Yes, EOR handles tax withholding and remittance for international employees in accordance with the local tax laws and regulations of the country they are employed in.

The types of benefits managed by EOR vary by country and may include health insurance, pension plans, paid time off, and other statutory benefits in accordance with local regulations.

EOR handles currency conversions and international payment processing by working with reputable financial institutions, ensuring timely and accurate payroll disbursements to your employees.

No, you don’t need to have a legal entity in the country where your international employee is located. EOR acts as the Employer of Record, allowing your company to employ staff without establishing a local legal presence.

The onboarding process with EOR includes collecting required employee information, setting up payroll and benefits, and ensuring all necessary documentation is completed and compliant with local regulations.

You can access and manage your international employees’ payroll and benefits information through EOR’s secure online platform, which provides real-time updates and reporting capabilities.

The costs associated with using EOR’s services depend on factors such as the number of employees, countries involved, and the complexity of the payroll and benefits administration. For specific pricing information, please contact our sales team.

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